Below are upcoming titles by ANNITIA L. JACKSON. Get ready for more drama, love, surprises, and things that go bump in the night!!!!




Elle Jamison is engaged to popular R&B singer GT Wells. The pair fell in love and vowed to be there for each other no matter what. So, when an opportunity arose, Elle put her dreams of becoming a singer on hold, while GT pursued his dreams. She thought they were well on their way to starting their lives together until the fame went to his head. What started off as a fairy tale is now a nightmare filled with paternity tests, groupies, and disrespect. She wants to break free but feels she has no way out. Will she change her mind before her wedding date approaches?

  • Music mogul Savior Morrison is one of the top producers and songwriters in the music industry. After losing his wife and child a few years ago, he has sworn off finding love and having a family of his own. He pours himself into his work and changes women like he changes his underwear. Savior has no plans to change his ways or open his heart up ever again. That is until a melodic beauty’s voice brings not only his lyrics to life, but his battered heart as well.

  • As all great love songs go, the road to love is filled with drama, betrayal, and enemies at every turn. Will these two find love in the lyrics or will their love fall flat?

Justin Miller Jr. was a single father who had fallen on hard times. After losing everything, he doesn’t have time to wallow, because he has a nine-year-old son to take care of. Just when he thinks things couldn’t get worse, they do. Leaving Justin to think of doing the unthinkable, until he runs into the one woman who got away.
Hope Porter is the youngest black woman to own a law firm in Tennessee. Not to mention one of the best and sought-after divorce attorney’s in the state.  Even with all her success, her personal life has become monotonous and lonely. But one chance reunion, brings both drama and a chance at something she has been longing for in her life.
With just a little bit of hope, will these two find everything they need? Or will outside forces, drama, and their pasts cause them to lose hope altogether?


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